Capcom Talks More Investigations 2 Localization

While it took awhile to get the rounds, last week the information of Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 getting a flat out “no” to an U.S. release caused Capcom’s Chirstian Svensson to comment on exactly why it isn’t currently in the cards.


The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return. And no, it wouldn’t sell more than Okamiden (which has already sold more than the first Investigations).


Svesson also changed the flat out “no” answer to one that leaves the possibility of a localization after speaking to Siliconera. He leaves the official statement as, “There are no plans for a Western release at this time forAAI2.” But based off the statement about localization costs greater than the return, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. If you truly are interested, let Capcom know. They’re not a company to ignore their fans. Capcom-Unity’s community are already taking action trying to make their voices be heard via petitions and all that good stuff. We’ll have to see if anything comes out of it.


Svesson also leaves the option open of seeing the content on another platform, but says there’s nothing in the works right now. So I wouldn’t expect much from that either.

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