Chrono Trigger Rated for PSN

If you were sitting and waiting for a the Virtual Console release of Chrono Trigger to fill your downloadable needs, you might want to look elsewhere. The ESRB rated Chrono Trigger for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, so we can probably safely assume it will be getting a PSone Classic release on PSN.


The PSone release featured some animated videos, but had some lengthy loading times. I’m not too familiar with PSone classics, but I’d imagine the lack of the disc would improve loading times at least a little bit. But again I’m not positive if that is true for PSone Classics.


Either way, it’s probably coming. So if you don’t want to shell out the cash for a SNES release, play on a DS, or wait for a Virtual Console release, this may be a good option.


(Via: Kotaku)

3 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger Rated for PSN”

  1. I don’t know why someone would want this game on the PSP, or PS3, when they could just get it for DS. It is currently the definitive version of the game, sharing the cut scenes from the playstation but not sharing it’s load times. I think I picked it up from Amazon for about 14 bucks? It was a steal. That and it seems more convenient on the DS. Because I imagine people’s DS library already overshadow their PSP collection. So why carry around 2 portables?
    Thanks for the article Oculin!

  2. Ah, glad I was able to keep my PSP over the years. Means I can finally play this game through without trying to emulate it! Still, I bet the DS version would be nice, though I no longer have one!

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