Cosmoid Interview’s Nnooo

I know what you might be saying, I have never heard of Nnooo, and that is a darn shame. Nnooo is a DSiware and Wiiware developer based out Sydney, Australia and while they haven’t done much yet that would get the attention of gamers like us they are planning to release two pretty interesting looking games soon.


Spirit Hunters is coming to DSiWare and is an augmented reality game, similar to the ARcards for 3DS, where you attack spirit’s you find in the world, level up, and progress by capturing them for study. escapeVector is coming to Wiiware and has a lot in common with the arcade classic Qix. In Qix you have to surround sectors of space to capture them, the end goal being to capture the entire board all while avoiding enemies. Both games are also planned for a 3DSware release in the future as well. Check out the Interview after the jump.


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