Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Announced

Capcom wants to add Frank West back into Dead Rising and they are doing it by creating an alternate universe. Essentially what Off the Record is a new campaign where Frank West ends up in Fortune City instead of Chuck Green. They are adding new Psycho’s, incorporating Photography fully into the game, and re-doing the plot. I still have no idea if this is an downloadable add-on or a full game, but considering that it is using alot of the same area’s as Dead Rising 2 it is most likely a DLC add-on. No word as to when we can expect it to be available, but they did release this trailer.


One thought on “Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Announced”

  1. I’ve heard many things about this, rumors and such. I’m gonna wait for more details, but I’m definitely game to see what capcom is gonna do with this. Just hope Frank doesn’t come off as too much of a jerk 😐

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