Final Fantasy V coming to EU & JP PSN

Final Fantasy V is considered to be one of the underappreciated games in the series. This was mainly due to it not having a SNES release in the US unlike its counterparts, FFIV & FFVI. What a lot of people don’t know is that none of the original Final Fantasy games had their first iterations release in Europe (the first game being FFVII which sold just as well as it did in Europe as it did everywhere else around the world). While the FF series became popular, Square released Final Fantasy Anthology which collected FFVI & FFV for the US while it had FFIV & FFV for Europe. Either way, Square Enix announced on their blog yesterday that they would be releasing FFV onto the Japanese and European Playstation Network. The Japanese release is expected to happen sometime next week (along with the details of the PSN release of Chrono Cross) and while no European release date is confirmed, it’s nice to see that EU PSN hasn’t been COMPLETLY abandoned (Still waiting on Einhander though…)

Source: (Square Enix)

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