First Trailer for Nintendo’s DMC-Style Pandora’s Tower

A few months ago, Nintendo announced  a surprise  Wii title, Pandora’s Tower. The only hint we got of what the title was about was a image of a girl with a tattoo on her back and a couple of lines of dialog. Now we get our first look at the title and it is, oddly enough kind of looks like Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay.


As we can tell from the trailer, the title uses a hack n slash formula mixed with a variety of weapons including what looks like your standard sword, a scythe, and a grappling chain. The title is being developed alongside Ganbarion, who has previously worked on One Piece titles and Jump Super Star over the past ten years. We’ll have to see if they can prove themselves with a new IP.


Pandora’s Tower is launching in Japan May 26th. Will the title get localized? Who knows. We’re set to get one Wii title before E3 in North America, but Nintendo of America hasn’t spilt the beans on what title that is exactly.  But if it does launch simultaneously with Japan, then this could very well be that title. At this point, I remain skeptical about the localization any Nintendo published title that doesn’t have Mario  or some other big franchise character in it.




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