GameStop Planning Cloud Gaming Service

With the digital download market on the rise every year, GameStop has to start looking at the future and how to survive as the market continues to change. Today at an investors conference, GameStop announced that they are working to become a “technology company” rather than just a retailer.


So how does GameStop plan to do this? Through their purchase of SpawnLabs, they are going to be launching a cloud based OnLive like gaming service. They will allow players to stream high-definition titles right to internet enabled devices. These features will be integrated into GameStop’s site. You can see the example they showed after the jump.


Initially streaming titles will require you to be a Power Up Rewards member and to have purchased the game from GameStop, but they are looking into registering games you’ve purchased at other retailers.  Pricing has yet to be finalized, but it sounds likely that there will be some sort of subscription fee to stream.


But that’s not the only way GameStop plans to compete. They also recently purchased Impulse, a Steam competitor to “fiercely” compete with the massive digital distributor. They are even considering developing their own GameStop branded tablet that will be optimized for the streaming service.


So when is all this change scheduled to happen? GameStop plans on putting the service into Beta sometime this year, and then launch the service in 2012.


GameStop has sort a bit of a stigma for being terrible. Whether you like them or not, would you give a Steam and/or OnLive service run by them a shot?


(Source: Dallas News Tech Blog 1 and 2 via Engadget)



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  1. Since services like OnLive haven’t garnered a huge fanbase, yet, I think it’s possible for Gamestop to become (relatively) successful in that particular niche. As for competing with Steam…while I think competition between companies is a good thing, I doubt Gamestop can dethrone Valve any time soon.

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