Get Your Hands on Mega Man Legends 3 Early (Update)

Can’t wait to see how Mega Man Legends 3 is turning out? You won’t have to wait much longer! Capcom announced today that one of the first downloadable titles for 3DS will be Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype, a prototype version of the game for fans and developers in the dev room to check out.

Not only did Capcom give us our first look at the game in motion, but they also announced a new character, Barrett, which will be playable in the title. No information on when the full title will be actually coming out. Supposedly Nintendo’s 3DS downloadable service, the e-shop, will be hitting this May in Japan. So until the service goes live in Western regions, check out some screens and the trailer after the jump.


Update: More footage added from Nico Nico Live. (Via: GoNintendo)




Nico Nico Live Footage






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