How’s 3DS Doing Around the World?

When it comes to  Nintendo 3DS, there was a lot of hype and a lot of doubt.  I’m sure many of you are waiting to purchase the system, and at launch that is only natural. But when it comes down to it, what matters is how many units Nintendo was able to move.  While we don’t have the exact sales numbers for some regions, we have a idea of how they’re doing.


First up, let’s check up on North America. Official sales numbers haven’t been released. But Nintendo did comment on the launch saying, “U.S. day-one sales numbers for Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history.” So far, on the U.S. side, sales sound promising. We’ll just have to wait to see when official numbers come out.


In Europe we do have some solid numbers. According to Nintendo of Europe, the platform sold 303,000 units across Europe launch weekend, 113,000 coming from the UK alone. The platform also become Nintendo’s fastest selling hand-held platform in Europe. In the UK’s case, it was the fastest selling Nintendo platform all together.


The last leaves us with Japan. Japan has had the console significantly longer than us at this point. So while early on the platform was sold out everywhere, it seems things aren’t going so well now. According to Media Create (Via Kotaku), who tracks video game software and hardware sales in Japan, 836,000 systems were sold. Seems big until you considered how many have shipped. By the end of March, there were 1.5 million 3DSs shipped in Japan, leaving 664,000 units somewhere on store shelves. That’s a pretty big number to just have floating around.


Normally one would think, ‘well maybe the earthquake in Sendai had an effect’, which it probably has to some extent. But the now six year old PlayStation Portable is currently outselling the Nintendo 3DS. Kotaku has found that the system might be having high trade-ins as well, based on falling trade-in value for the 3DS and falling prices for used 3DSs.


We’ll have to wait and see how 3DS continues in North America and Europe. But if Japan is any indication of how the platform will continue in other regions, Nintendo definitely should be concerned.

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