Kirby DS Title Still in the Works

Remember that Kirby game we heard about some time ago on DS, featuring a bunch of small Kirbies on screen at once? Well, it’s not dead! The title was featured in the most recent Famitsu issue, complete with new details!


Atsumete! Kirby, which roughly translates to Gathering! Kirby, has players controlling not one, not two, but up to ten Kirbies at once.  To get up to the ten Kirbies mark, the Kirbies have to devour fruit to produce more Kirbies. Once you’ve created your Kirby army, you can mass them on enemies like Pikmin to defeat them.  Controls are mainly focused on the touchscreen. Tap on the screen and a star will appear. The Kirbies will walk toward the star. Double tap and they will run. Once at the star, they will latch on so you can move them easier. If one of your Kirbies fall in battle, it’s not over for him. Using another Kirby you can go help them, but only before they become an angel and float off the screen.


As of right now, the title is coming exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Japan can expect the title this year. You can check out the Famitsu Scan below.


(Details: 1UP)



(Scan: GoNintendo)

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