Latest Round of Wii Successor Rumors

Oh, look here! More Wii successor rumors!

So we have two sets of talk here thrown into one post. The first set of info is from IGN, who discovered more details about the system’s hardware itself. IGN claims that the system is based on AMD’s R700 CPU architecture, which out performs the PS3’s Nvidia processor. It will use a triple core IBM PowerPC chipset similar to the one in the Xbox 360, but clocking speeds are faster. They again, say that the platform will support 1080p, but this time mention the possible addition of Stereoscopic 3D.


Through IGN’s sources they found that the platform’s retail price is looking around $350 or $400, and Nintendo plans on beginning to start manufacturing in early October this year. They also found that Nintendo is considered the platform name “Stream,” but is looking at other options. This name is based off the idea that the system can stream content directly to the built in screens on the controllers.


Kotaku‘s digging found that the screen size is actually 6.2 inches, slightly larger than the previously rumored sized. And while we already knew Wii Remotes would be compatible with the system, it sounds like they’re intending to leave motion controls open as a option to developers. Some have also noted the possibility of one player using a Wii Remote, while another uses’ the rumored system’s more standard controller with a screen on it.


See you next round of rumors.

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