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Hey TSG Community! This is Chase and I am excited to announce something new we are going to try called the “Let’s Player Spotlight.” The purpose of this is to pick a Let’s Player within our community and post them on our front page. I have not decided on how frequently we will be spotlighting people. There will be a different Let’s Player each spotlight.


We have decided to do this in attempt to show our appreciation to everyone who has helped us grow into what we are today. We know that not everyone in our community are Let’s Players but none the less we recognize the impact that the Let’s Play community has had on TSG and we want to help out those that we can.


If you are a Let’s Player and are interested in being spotlighted on our front page check out the application below!


Fill out this application and send it to Chase@TheSpeedGamers.com




YouTube Channel:


Finished Let’s Plays:


Current Let’s Play(s):


First TSG Marathon:


– Requirements –

* You must be subscribed to TheSpeedGamers on YouTube

* We ask that you try to watch all previously spotlighted people (Obviously this is on the honor system)

* Commentary must be reasonably censored. (If its questionable we may still spotlight you but wont embed one of your videos)


I will change and add requirements as I see fit.


If you have any comments or questions post em below.

39 thoughts on “Let’s Player Spotlight”

  1. Just curious:

    “You must be subscribed to the person spotlighted before you (Since this is the first spotlight there is no prior person)”

    What’s the logic behind this rule? Just seems kind of funky.

    I don’t do Let’s Plays, so lol.

    1. I have to agree with Occulin. Why should I have to subscribe to someone you spotlight to be spotlighted myself? What if I don’t like their style or game choice?
      Basically who do you think you are to tell me whom I must sibscribe?

      1. I can see where it’s coming from, just a way to encourage people participating in this to check out other Let’s Players, as opposed to someone say, wandering on over, seeing this as an opportunity to promote themselves and nothing else, and posting and running. Obviously there’s nothing stopping people from subscribing and then unsubscribing once/if they’re selected, which is kinda shady imo, but what’s the harm in giving another LPer a chance by subscribing to them for a bit?

        1. Go to the forum. Under the community section we have two sub-forums: “Streams” and “Let’s Play!”. Do you see that bullet point under those headings? The one in bold? It says “Do not join to advertize.”

          How is this requirement any different? You’re subscribing to someone for the sole purpose have being spotlighted. You’re joining their community of subscribers to advertize your channel. Not only that, but it artificially boosts their numbers and spams up my subscription update list.

          No, making that a requirement is a mistake. It’s encouraging a dishonest practice on the part of the wannabe spotlighted.

          1. Maybe I’m just giving people a little a more credit in believing they’ll subscribe not just because they’re being asked to, but because they want to give a fellow LPer a chance. I guess I didn’t realize the world of Let’s Plays was this corrupt veil of paranoia and neuroses over who’s to subscribing to what and why and what ulterior motives they might have?

            No one is gonna make you subscribe to anybody or watch anything you don’t want to, though, like Local said, this whole spotlight is optional. If you care about this sort of thing (i.e. being showcased), you’ll suck it up and subscribe to ONE other person you may not have ordinarily because who knows, maybe they’ll do something that interests you in the future? Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised? If you’re not, then you won’t, and we’ll still have the Let’s Play forums for people to show and tell what they’ve been working on and life will go on.

            Or maybe Chase will change his mind on that, doesn’t really bother me either way, it just seems like a rather harmless stipulation to me that’s being taken a little too seriously.

      2. Is it really telling you whom you MUST be subscribed to? Isn’t it more a voluntary participation sort of thing?

        People don’t have to participate, but if they decide they do we want you to also help out other LP’ers…which is fair to everyone considering those applying are also LP’ers. I see no harm in subscribing just to be nice and supportive but still not like their style or game choice.

      3. You guys are completely missing the point. I can’t explain it any clearer than I already have. I will try anyway.
        1) requiring them to subscribe is the same as joining to advertise. We openly oppose that in the forum.
        2) subbing just for that doesn’t help the other LPer. At all. Your rebuttal of “gives them a chance” makes no sence. At all.
        3) People’s subsciotion list is none of our business.

        If he wants to require that applicants be subscribed to the main TSG channel, that makes sense. But random channels we’ve spotlighted? That’s none of Chase’s, or mine, or your business

        1. 1) Not really mang, I don’t get how it’s the same thing. We oppose people hitting up our forums for the sole purpose of promoting their own stuff then disappearing into the night. If anything, this’ll prevent that, because it shows the LPers submitting for the spotlight are actually people who visit the site and check out the features we have going on. How else are they gonna know who the previous winner was?
          2) Why doesn’t it make sense? Sure they might get a few punks who are just subscribing so they can participate in the spotlight, but again, I like this community and I KNOW there are going to be people who will subscribe as part of the spirit of what Chase is trying to do here: to check out other Let’s Players and broaden their horizons a little bit. There are a loooot of LPers out there, too many for any one person to check out on their own, this is just a good opportunity to view some videos from someone you may have never heard of otherwise. Why is giving someone a chance a bad thing?
          3) Perhaps not but it’s just one subscription to one Let’s Player who will be hand-picked by Chase anyway so it’s not like they’ll be inappropriate or utterly awful or anything. Come on, is that really so much to ask? It’s just Youtube subscriptions, it’s not like he’s asking people to friend eachother on Facebook or anything 😛

  2. “You must be subscribed to the person spotlighted before you.”

    This sounds like sub4sub to me. Not only do I vehemently disagree with the concept in and of itself and have no intention of applying now, my faith in this website and it’s maintainers has been shaken a little. Seriously, what the hell? I’ll subscribe to someone if I like their videos, but if I don’t like them, there’s no way I would subscribe just for the chance at some hits. Not only is this dishonest to my own subscribers who may look at my subscriptions for similar content, but also I would feel like a w.h.o.r.e (edited to get around the censors because my diction was precise and intentional) in the most literal sense.

    1. Well, if you’re doing lets plays and they’re doing lets plays, it is kind of similar content lol. But I understand the idea of associated with someone’s content that you might not particularly like.

      Although, as bear said, you could just unsubscribe after. Either way, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. At least it wouldn’t stop me if I was doing lets plays.

    2. Again I see it more as lending support than just trading subs, because we’re supposed to be a community here, but at the very least it’s a shame you think less of us now because of it…I mean it’s not like this isn’t open to discussion or anything, and Chase certainly didn’t mean any harm with the idea.

      1. Exactly…and he did say “I will change and add requirements as I see fit.”

        So if it’s a big enough problem, I’m sure Chase will remove it or revamp the idea. Having said that, I’m sure a community type aspect will still be involved when applying.

        1. Well, I guess I was a little harsh. It just seems like an odd requirement to me. I’m not super picky with my subscriptions, so I probably wouldn’t mind adding whoever the last person was, but it’s just the principle of the thing.

  3. I hate all LPers (except myself because I am supremely awesome) so I refuse to subscribe to anyone. Does this mean I can’t enter my own LPs onto this spotlight program? Because if so, I refuse to submit to it. Also I’m going straight to Something Awful because their community is much nicer and more open.

    1. Phil. Chase is hand picking the spotlighted people so whoever joins just to advertise will be filtered out. So you would have no chance anyway unlike if it was a random number generator. Everyone knows you have to work hard to get subscribers and its not by being featured in places because that cheapens the effort people put into LPs. If your not working hard by self-promotion then you dont deserve attention by someone else’s promotion. Also you have no uploaded any videos since you made s’moreo’s like two years ago so your not even topical. Join the community, post a meet and greet topic, contribute to streams, THEN we won’t lock your advertising posts because you’ll be a community member. 🙂

  4. How would we know which person is spotlighted before us if we haven’t been selected yet. I guess you could just subscribe to every spotlighted person, but I really would rather not if I really don’t like their style (but I’ll be pretty lenient, i guess).

    But I’m just wondering that if people are just subbing other people to get views and then possibly unsubscribbe later, it’s really not helping either LP’er.

    Anyway, sounds like a great idea, Chase, and I’m sure that all of the issues people are having will go away once it gets started (just like the issues people had with TSG 24/7)

  5. Hey guys, cry less kk?

    If you are so against giving another lets player a chance then maybe the spotlight isn’t for you. I want to help those that give others a chance. Ever thought that rule may have been put in place so that those people who aren’t willing to give others a chance wont be able to apply?

    I am hand picking the Let’s Players myself from the applications I am sent. If I spotlight them it means I want people to check em out and give them a chance. It was either have people sub to them as a way to say “I checked this person out” Or post a video of you watching the LP and telling me what you thought of it.

    I guess I could have it so that you can just favorite the video of the person spotlighted before you so that I will know you watched it. But I am sure people will find a problem with that as well.

    Guys… this is why we can’t have nice things.

    Also @Phil, nice =P

    1. It’s not that we’re against giving them a chance. Like I said before, if I looked at all of them on a case-by-case basis, I probably wouldn’t mind subbing them, and would probably end up doing it of my own accord (especially since if you’re hand picking them, they’d have to be pretty good). However, making it a requirement for the spotlight is… it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      Even if there’s no real functional difference between the situations, but on the off chance I don’t care for an LPer you do the spotlight on, where does that leave me? I guess I could just wait a month/week/however long between spotlights, but that still seems wrong just on principle. Sorry for all the fuss, but I can’t help feeling strongly…

  6. I’m gonna throw my three cents in…
    I don’t see why people are complaining about the “You must be subscribed to the person spotlighted before you” rule. Isn’t the whole point of this to watch other LPers and see if you enjoy’em?

    Although I do see one problem with it though. For example:
    Let’s say I made LPs and got showcased, then Skeletor wants to show off his LPs and subs to me to get showcased.
    What’s going make him watch my LPs? If I made LPs, I’d only want people to subscribe if they’re going to watch my LPs.

    1. Yeah, we’re kind of going on the honour system, because we certainly can’t force anyone to watch once they’re subscribed. I just like to believe people will participate in this experiment not only to promote themselves but to find more LPs to watch in general 🙂

  7. I was going to keep my opinions to myself but since a bunch of other people are speaking the opinions I had, I guess I’ll input my view on this.

    I don’t agree with the idea of it being a requirement to sub the previous spotlight because of the following reasons:

    1.) There’s nothing stopping the person from unsubscribing after they have been spotlighted, and thus this helps out the first person absolutely none (except for possibly bugging up their subscriber list like mine is)

    2.) I personally would rather someone subscribed because either they truly want to support me (without the incentive of getting something in return) or because they really like my videos and just want to be updated on their main page when I post new stuff.

    3.) I think it would be much more agreeable and beneficial to make the requirement to “like” (as in rate up) a video chosen by the LP’er to be the main focus of the spot light (I’m assuming you’ll throw up at least one video on the spot light page as an embed, perhaps make it a requirement to “like” all videos in the spot light if you embed more) – this is actually beneficial because you can’t go back and take your “like” away. I think you could still go back and dislike it as well (I might be wrong on this one) but even if you can, that’d just be being a serious **** and very spiteful. Also, the higher a video gets rated, as well as viewed, the higher up in the YouTube search it goes. Perhaps even make it a requirement to favorite the videos on top of this, if you feel the need to have something you can actually see that shows the person did something (although either way its still on the honor system, since you can go back and un-favorite a video).

    Subscriptions do nothing except make you look popular on your page. I have almost 300 subscribers and most of my videos, barring my FFXI and FFXIV videos, have about 20-40 viewers, and far less ratings, hence why my videos don’t come up too quickly from general searches for, for example “Let’s Play Dragon Quest” (on said search, not a single one of my videos appears until page 7, and it is my single most viewed Dragon Quest III episode, which is more viewed than any other episode from the other Dragon Quests I’ve LP’d.)

      1. No QQ at all. You understand my objects and explained them in better terms than I was able. I don’t do the video thing so my ability to explain is limited.

  8. I’d also just like to say, I don’t see how not subscribing to someone is “not giving them a chance” in any sense of the phrase. I mean, I’m giving them a chance by watching their video(s), and after giving them that chance I choose to subscribe or not subscribe depending on whether or not I liked it.

    Now, if I wasn’t sure how I felt about them from one or more available videos, I guess I could “give them a chance” by subscribing and waiting for more to come out, but THAT being a requirement is dumb. Not that I think that’s what you guys meant by it, but I’m sure someone would matter-of-factly point it out sooner or later.

    1. I think a greater fear is that people who are less active community members will ignore all featured LPers and keep submitting themselves without consequence. If the only other real requirements are to be subscribed to TSG and not swear a lot, that’s… everyone.

      1. What about commenting on the video or favoriteing the video? I totally get why people don’t dig the subsriber deal, but I think favoriteing a video or commenting on said video is a much less intrusive alternative. I think Chase suggested favoriteing vid’s earlier.

        1. Okay, how about giving a comment on the spotlight post itself that indicates you watched the video, since that’s the only real way of knowing that you “gave them a chance”? That seems like a much better idea than making us subscribe, since it doesn’t force us to lie on the off chance that we really didn’t like their stuff.

          1. The only issue I see with commenting is that anyone can comment without watching the video. But if we require that the comment prove they watched it perhaps it would work. It does make more work for Chase though in the end.

  9. Oh look, this seems like fun. All this argueing about subbing? Honestly, it’s not a big deal. My only issue is that 3 of my LPs are on different channels, but I guess it’s not to hard to link one of them. May as well send in a request.
    This seems lik a good oppurtunity to give the community members incentive to improve the quality of their video, if need be. It should allow for some nice constructive/destructive criticism.

  10. hmm . . .I dont even care subs I do my lps for fun why would I want some one to sub me if they didnt like the videos. . .I find that pointless. . .you sub them if you like the vids. . .you have to earn you subs . . .I have 11 subs atm and I am happy some ppl like my vids. . .but honestly why would you require subing the last person spotlighted. . .sub tsg yhea but. . .no this entire thing seems pointless. . .

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