Making of Gears of War 3: Dedicated Execution Video

Wonder how your participation in the Gears of War 3 beta will effect the title? Epic Games goes over exactly what information they collect, including weapon damage, where players are dying most, how they’re dying and more.


You also get to hear some talks about exactly what kind of feel they were shooting for with Gears of War 3, and how it’s improved over the past two titles. And don’t forget about the talks about polish. Lots and lots of polish, which is no surprise since the title was scheduled to be done by this month but was delayed for marketing reasons.


The beta starts April 25th for those who pre-order Gears of War 3 at GameStop in North America. Europeans can get access via pre-order at GAME or Gamestation. Those who purchased Bullet Storm will have access starting April 18th.




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