Metroid Marathon for Japanese Relief

May 6-9th we will be playing through the Metroid series to raise money for Japan. The choice of charity is still being sorted out as well as other details.

Once again we will be teaming up with our friends at Fan Gamer. Just like during the Mario Marathon, they will sell a Metroid themed shirt during the marathon and the proceeds will go towards the charity we are gaming for. This went extremely well last summer and was a driving force behind our record amount of $57,000.

We are ecstatic for May to get here! New entertaining and off the wall stunts will be performed during the event. I hope to put out a teaser for the “Wheel of Misery” in the coming week.

Keep checking back to for more details!

8 thoughts on “Metroid Marathon for Japanese Relief”

  1. Sounds awesome. I always love when you guys team up with Fangamer. Will their current “Visor” shirt be the one sold during the marathon, or are they putting out a new design?

    I’ll make sure to pick one (or five) up regardless.

  2. Oh Snap, Fangamer. This shirt just got real.

    My horrible puns aside, I’m gonna make a raw promo video tonight in order to promote this as much as possible.

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