Miyamoto Talks 3DS Software, Tests/Ideas, and Connectivity with Future Console

There isn’t much faith in the current 3DS line-up at the moment. But hey, welcome launch windows. Even with a possible full scale hardware production underway at Nintendo, Miyamoto definitely is giving time to the newly launched handheld.


In an interview with Gamekyo, Miyamoto confirmed that the development of Ocarina of Time 3D is complete, but as of right now they’re still tweaking translations for the title. The game itself will run at thirty frames per second. Miyamoto also mentions a “mirror mode” for the Master Quest mode, but I’m going to say hold back on that one. The interview was translated from Japanese, to French, through Google translate into English. So I’m not sure if somewhere along the way that was just mistranslated for the mode being an alternative mode. Miyamoto said StarFox 64 3D’s development is also complete, which is launching July in Japan.



As for upcoming original titles, Super Mario 3D’s development is at full speed and will be fully unveiled at E3, with an intention of a 2011 release. The title will use a fixed camera similar to Super Mario 64. Mario Kart 3D is also scheduled to be launch this year.


Now, that we got the house keeping out of the way, here’s the fun stuff. Nintendo has been tinkering with several new ideas of how to use the 3D in software. Miyamoto is testing a game where the player must discover what an object is by viewing it in different ways. He said that objects that appear to be something could look completely different once viewed in a different way. He wants to surprise players with the different objects.


His second test uses the 3DS’ screen technology that sends different information to the left and right eye. It would display different images to the left and right eye, so the player couldn’t necessarily see what was coming in front of them. He wants to use this idea for a ghost game, as apparently Miyamoto loves ghost stories.


And last but not least, Nintendo is looking into 3DS conectivity with a future home console, where the Nintendo 3DS could be used as a controller. If the rumors have been true about the controller having a touch screen built-in, I can’t imagine it helping too much other than offering 3D.


First thing I thought when I saw “ghost game” was Luigi’s Mansion, but it could turn into something entirely different. It’s also good to see that the 3DS’ 2011 software line-up is starting to look better each day.


If you understand French, you can hear the full audio interview below.



(Translation Via: GoNintendo)

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  1. I read about some of this stuff on another website as well. If the 3DS could be the controller (of some sorts) for a home console I’m guessing the possibility of another Four Swords. or something similar to that. What I heard about the Master Quest in Ocarina of time was pretty much what you said. I did hear that it will be a mirrored Hyrule. As for the screen stuff they’re doing, that could actually turn out to be something very interesting. Even if they just remake Luigi’s Mansion I will be pretty satisfied as it adds a little more of that “I’m not sure if there’s a ghost here but I’ll go anyway” type of feeling, especially if the ghosts can now pop up at you out of the screen and give you a heart attack….wait is thaat a good thing?

  2. It’s about time. I’ve been theorizing the use of the DS as a potential controller for the Wii for a long time, considering both consoles were made to have the ability to communicate with eachother.
    Also: Want Zelda:3D nao. d>:}>

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