Nendroid Generations Is… Kawaii

Banpresto is most famous for creating the Super Robot Wars series which is a widely regarded series of tactical role-playing games featuring various mecha characters from various animé series. They also collaborated with From Software to create the Another Century Episode series which featured the same borrowed mecha characters from Super Robot Wars but instead it has a focus on Zone of the Enders styled mech battles). Their next game was a cause of surprise to many when the president of the comapny announced that he has been working with Namco Bandai of a game called “Nendroid Generations” for the PSP. A Nendroid is a model of a humanoid figure with a large head in contrast to a disproportioned body (Take the example of Haruhi shown in the image for this article). Nendroid Generations will be helmed by the Good Smile company who are best known for creating various Nendroids themselves. So far, there will be representatives from their; Haruhi series, Fate/Stay Night series, Black Rock Shooter series and their Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. As far as the battle system goes, various characters will be able to chain together their attacks which can change depending on who is in your group (Kind of like Chrono Trigger). Namco have also added; team attacks, dance mode, and a communication mode. Namco said in a statement that developement on the game is currently at 20% and that a release date should be expected sometime in the future.

Source: (Siliconera)

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