Nintendo Publishing Solatorobo in Europe

While the DS may be slowing down with the 3DS coming out, the platform isn’t dead. DS owners still have some new software to look forward to, like Namco Bandai’s Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.  Namco Bandai won’t be publishing the title though, Nintendo will be, like many other third party Wii and DS titles in the region.


Solatorobo is the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto, a PlayStation 1 Action adventure platformer. The story follows Red Savarin, an anthropomorphic dog who can change into a human. He rides a mech who the player will be controlling to jump, hover, shoot bubbles, and more.  Using the bubbles, you collect kittens.


The title is set exclusively for the Nintendo DS later this year in Europe. There has yet to be a announcement for a North American release. You can check out the Japanese Tokyo Game Show trailer after the jump.




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