Ocarina of Time 3D Direct-Feed Videos

It’s taken forever, but we finally have gotten some direct feed footage of Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve seen some clips before in some montages, bust most footage was off-screen. Here we have two direct feed videos, one showing off the new visuals in the opening to the game and the other shows off touch screen controls for the title. There is also a single off-screen videos, that shows off the motion controls for the title.


Ocarina of Time 3D is set to release this June in both North America and Europe, so only about a month and half wait until we can finally get our hands on the title. Not only does the title feature enhanced visuals, it also includes the alternative Master Quest dungeons, a boss rush mode, and a hint system to help out players who get stuck.







(via: GoNintendo)

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