Rumor: More Wii 2 Features

Horrah, rumors!  It seems IGN’s Jim Reily may have hit a little bit of a goldmine wiht his digging. Over his twitter he tweeted a few bits of details, including that the controller, along with the HD  touch-screen we’ve been hearing about, will feature dual analog sticks. He also says the platform will feature the ability to stream content, essentially allowing players to stream “entire games” from the console to the touch screen.  Jim Reily also dug up that the platform will heave first and third party games at E3, but wasn’t able to find out if it would be playable. also got some info, confirming that publishers like EA, Activision and Ubisoft have had their dev kits “for months,” and that the platform will feature motion controls better than that of the PlayStation Move. Their sources also said that Nintendo is likely to launch the platform with a new brand, rather than Wii.


And finally a smaller publication,01net. claims to know a bit about the hardware specs of the system. According to them, the system’s processor will be an IBM Power PC CPU with three cores. The GPU will be from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and the platform will have at least 512Mb of RAM. What does this technical mumbo jumbo mean? Basically slightly better than an Xbox 360.


They also throw their hat into the controller scene, claiming the controller has a six inch touch screen (IGN also says this to be true), front facing camera, d-pad, two bumpers, two triggers and can be used as a Wii Sensor bar, and possibly more. They also claim that it will be compatible with all Wii software and perhiprhials, as well compatbile with Gamecube software as well. They also claim another “big surprise” will be announced at E3.  What gives them credibility? They accurately leaked NGP specs before its announcement.


So, yeah. As with every rumor post, rumors are rumors. And with information seemingly spiraling out of control at this point (I’ve had to update this post about four times now before posting), it’s hard to believe everything. But with publications like Game Informer and IGN, it’s hard not to believe that at least some of it is true. Also, I saw some mention of blu-ray discs, but wasn’t able to find the source of it, so take that as you will.


(IGN quotes via: GoNintendo)
(01net. transltation source: Games Radar)

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  1. You know, with a controller like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a DS/3DS equivalent of the Game Boy Player for this system. Now that WOULD be exciting.

  2. The way I have pictured that controller in my head looks incredibly stupid. I hope it looks better then what I’m imaging right now because it seems like they have tried to jam pack everything onto the controller.

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