Rumor: New Pokémon Announcement Next Month

Sure, Pokémon Black and White just came out in North America a month ago, but it’s been out since September in Japan. Time to start talking the next one! Well, maybe. Supposedly Dengeki Magazine is reporting an announcement for next month, but it’s unclear at the moment.  But that’s really it. No idea if it’s a spin-off, remake, or even what platform it will be on.


I’m calling it right now. Pokémon Channel 2 for Project Cafe. HD Pikachu watching TV. So real!


(Source: Pokémon Black and via. GoNintendo)


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  1. It’s probably going to be a remake of ruby and saphire or a third version for black and white (which I actually have doubts that they are still going to make one) if its a main stream game. If it’s not, probably a mystery dungeon or Wii game.

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