Rumor: Pokemon XD Heading to 3DS?

Some blurry photos have been making their rounds today of what looks like a possible port of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness to the Nintendo 3DS. The image shows Michael from Pokemon XD. The use of the exact same artwork from the Gamecube version would imply that this is a port rather than a whole new entry.


It should be noted that the 3DS image used in the picture is of the E3 model, with a blue analog slider. If this is a glimpse of a magazine scan, it could be an simple  mistake. But if it’s a picture from official promotional material from Nintendo, it seems like this likely could be fake.


There’s a rumor of a Pokemon announcement coming next month, so this could very well be it. We’ll have to see when May rolls around.





(Source: 3DSBlog)

8 thoughts on “Rumor: Pokemon XD Heading to 3DS?”

  1. The games been proven fake at pokejungle, something about the 3DS in the image being incorrect. Apparently, the rumored game is a Mystery Dungeon 3DS with Black/White pokemon characters, images at pokejungle’s front page. I believe the images also look weird, but whatever happens right..

  2. @abyssmalstar
    From what I can tell, there’s only the XD character in the leaked shots. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true if it was colosseum and XD bundled. I don’t know anything about location in Colloseum and XD though. I thought they took place in same place as Colosseum.

    Read the post before you comment please lol

  3. Yeah I believe this is fake, the slide pad on the 3DS is blue, which was the case on the prototype version. I could be wrong and the magazine editor could have used the wrong 3DS when they ‘shoped it.

  4. Well I don’t know if it will be this, but supposedly CoroCoro magazine is going to announce a new pokemon game in it’s next issue, which is next month, I think like the 21st or sometime around there.

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