Rumor: PSN Credit Card Info Goes on Sale

While Sony confirmed that personal information has been stolen, credit card information has been a big question mark. Now it seems that some card information may have been taken. Security firm Trend Micro‘s senior threat researcher says that he has seen some evidence of the hackers trying to sell information on 2.2 million PSN credit cards.  While far from confirmed, he has also heard that the group tried to sell information back to Sony and that they chose not to respond to the sellers. When questioned, Sony’s senior director of corporate communications responded, “To my knowledge there is no truth to the report that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list.


One aspect of that does make this sale sound unlikely is that they claim to have the CVV numbers for the cards, the three digits on the back of the card. At least according to their claims, Sony doesn’t store this information. Either way, I’d say play it safe. If you don’t cancel your card, at least keep an eye on your statements.


(via: New York Times)

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