Rumor: Wii 2 Backwards Compatible, Features HD Screen on Controller

After GameInformer’s  sources revealed that a Wii 2 was likely to be in the cards for E3, IGN and CVG followed the story with some research of their own.


IGN’s sources claim that the platform is significantly more powerful than the 360 and PS3, and that Nintendo’s intent is to recapture the core audience. The platform will supposedly support up to 1080p, and is backwards compatible with previous Wii Software.  IGN’s sources also echoed a E3 2011 showing of the console, but said Nintendo is schedule to reveal the console’s existence this month.


CVG’s digging found information about the controller itself. According to their sources, the controller won’t be an upgraded Wiimote, and instead will feature feature an HD screen on the controller itself. While CVG was unable to uncover the screen’s functionality, IGN did confirm they found it to be a touchscreen.  One of CVG’s sources commented saying, “Nintendo’s plans sound unreal. Publishers are already planning launch titles and it’s all very exciting.


Definitely sounds like this is spiraling out of Nintendo’s control. We’ll have to see if later this month they announce the Wii 2.

10 thoughts on “Rumor: Wii 2 Backwards Compatible, Features HD Screen on Controller”

  1. I think its a load of bull crap, but I guess will see. After all Nintendo was the first for motion control and no glasses 3d so I guess the screen thing is possible. Nintendo wouldn’t be the first to do that, Dreamcast VMU’s had a screen on them which I always found interesting. As for them targeting core players, I guess I can believe that because at E3 they were defiantly trying to targeting core players. Cant wait to see if this is true or not.

  2. Wow, Nintendo may have blown my mind again with the touch screen control…at least I’m assuming the controller combines touch screen and pointer control. *Imagines playing a Wii game with the DS*

    Also, I hope what they say about Nintendo re-targeting its core audience is true. That will make a lot of fans, including me, very happy!

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