Rumor: Wii Price Drop Incoming

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Wii can still retail for only $100 less than a PlayStation 3 and matches the price of the lowest Xbox 360, even with the bundled software.  But when you’re still making tons of money, why drop the price?


Despite still moving a hefty number of units each month, Engadget has been told by a “trusted source” that Nintendo is preparing for a price drop. According to the source, the Nintendo Wii will retail at $149.99 starting May 15th.


Nintendo some time ago started including Wii Sports Resort and the Wii Motion + with all new Wiis, with the exception of the Mario Red Wii that featured New Super Mario Bros.  So, that is sort of like a price drop, even if they’re forcing you to buy $50 worth of stuff.


We will have to wait and see if this price drop surfaces officially in the coming month. Anyone still without a Wii?

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