Sakurai Shows Interest in Creating HD Title

Masahiro Sakurai, one of the creators of Kirby and Smash Bros series, hasn’t been entirely under Nintendo’s thumb for a good while now. Quiting in Hal Laboratories in 2003, he eventually went on to make his own company in 2005, SORA LTD. So what has he been working on since he left? Well, more Nintendo games.  He worked on Meteos for the Nintendo DS, Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, and now Kid Icarus: Uprising on Nintendo 3DS.


He finally may be showing interest in branching out of the Nintendo market though. He shared his thoughts on HD over twitter after playing some Crysis 2.  He suggested that he doesn’t believe you necessarily have to sacrifice gameplay for good graphics.  When asked about if he would ever develop one, he answered, “I’d like to try HD at some point. I wonder if I’ll get the opportunity?


Nintendo has, in the past, said that their next home console will indeed be HD. Who knows if Sakurai has any intentions of moving to HD any time soon. But, if he intends on continuing work with Nintendo, it might be awhile till he can.


(Source: andriasang)

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