Shadows of the Damned Monster Concept Art Surfaces

Shadows of the Damned is the product of an unusual collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture (Creators of Killer7 and the No More Heroes series) and EA (the company that EVERYONE knows because they publish Soukyugurentai under the name Terra Diver to the US, making it the first time a Raizing game has made its way to western territories… and EA make a couple of sports games that no-one really knows much about). The game focuses on Garcia Hotspur’s quest to go into the depths of Hell to rescue his girlfriend. Some new concept art from the game was recently released today showing some of the nightmareish monsters from the game including monsters with minotaurs clouded in electricity, Zombies with exoskeletons and a guy with a cage round his face. See the full roster after the jump.

Source: (VG247)


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