Sketchin’!! – Conrad the Rhino

So yeah, as I’ve said before, Zarla and I have some weird Left 4 Dead type characters. Though with each passing day, they move away from their fannish origins and move closer to doing their own thing. Not that I’m knocking fanworks! I’m just saying that’s how these characters are playing out… though neither of us have established names for them beyond the L4D infected we originally based their personalities on. ANYWAY the leader of the group is “Charger,” a no-nonsense zookeeper who once fought for conservation and breeding programs alongside her husband. She helped raise many of the animals in her zoo, so she had a strong bond with a lot of them. So when a mysterious virus spreads and kills or zombifies most mammals, she had to decide what the most humane action would be…


In other news, I went to the Pokémon Dream World today! But… I can’t find the Leafeon I won on the Pokémon site ;_; Can anyone help me? I know my accounts are linked, and I know it saved that I won it, but I looked at the Dream Tree but I saw no Leafeon! If someone can explain what I’m doing wrong, please let me know. ALSO my Pokémon Global Link name is “Jazaaboo,” if anyone wants to water berries or whatever.

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