Sketchin’!! – Sandile’s Got MOXIE


… Ugh, being under the weather sucks. BUT ANYWAY like most of you I’ve been enjoying the snot out of Pokémon Black & White. I have Black and a friend of mine has White, and we basically traveled Unova in sync, challenging gym leaders simultaneously before splitting up to explore on our own. FUN TIMES! We also traded many Pokémon to each other to get boosted experience points. I thought Sandile was adorable, so he caught me one and named him CrocDuster. Duster turned out to have Moxie as his ability, which makes me laugh every time. It makes me think that whenever he knocks out an opponent, he throws up jazz hands and yells MOXIE!! before his Attack stat rises. Anyway, my battle with Elesa was nice because after my Musharna put her first Emolga to sleep, I sent in Duster. He fainted it, got MOXIE!!, which helped him faint the next Emolga, which added to his MOXIE!! again. By the time she sent out Zebstrika, Duster was strong enough to take it out with one Dig. MOXIE!!



By the way, I find Pokémon incredibly fun to draw, so if you want an image like this to commemorate something in your own Pokémon adventure, head on over to The Speed Gamers’ Store and commission something! Yes it’ll be in full color and everything. MOXIE!!

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