Sonic Generations Gameplay Footage

Ever wonder what Sonic Generations looks like when it’s super blurry? Hit the jump and find out! Yeah, the video isn’t that great of quality, but we do get a  good look at the first level of the game. We see it both from classic Sonic’s perspective, who plays the level entirely in 2D, and modern Sonic’s perspective, which focuses on 3D gameplay with some light 2D elements.


Classic Sonic’s seems to be a strict remake of the level, where modern Sonic takes a lot more liberties, like an entire underground rail segment while being chased by a giant robot fish.  Modern Sonic also seems to be have a ridiculous amount of boost energy, as it is used almost the entire play-through.



5 thoughts on “Sonic Generations Gameplay Footage”

  1. And then…BAM!

    Instantly Sonic’s friends are thrown into the mix.

    Watch it happen. The cycle doesn’t lie.

    In the rare occurrence that it is lying this time, I will be overjoyed, because at this stage this game is looking really good.

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