Tales of Abyss 3DS Hinted at for US Release

Namco Bandai has been notorious in recent years for denying Western countries localisations of their acclaimed Tales of series. Such examples include; Radiant Mythology 2 & 3, Vesperia PS3, Graces Wii, Symphonia PS2, Innocence, Hearts and so on (And it’s much bigger if you live in Europe!). Namco Bandai have been trying to turn this around by announcing Tales of Graces F for North America and it seems that they are willing to continue their retribution. On the US Amazon listing for the first volume of the Tales of the Abyss manga, It was noted that:

This manga adaptation from the POV of one of the series most popular characters, is timed for release alongside the US release of the series’ anime adaptation. This series premiere will also match that of franchise’s RPG title debut on Nintendo 3DS.

Considering that Bandai Entertainment picked up the Tales of the Abyss animé license last year, it adds a lot to its credibility. The manga is set to start August 16th this year, so if this is true than the game should come out near that time. However for reasons unknown, Namco has delayed the Japanese release of Tales of the Abyss 3DS so whether this affects the US release is uncertain.

Source: (GoNintendo)

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  1. I’d be a little more excited for this if the 3DS port wasn’t just basically the NA version of the game put on a 3DS cart. Still, the attention being given to Abyss lately is always welcome by me.

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