Tons of New Ocarina of Time 3D Screens

If you’ve been waiting for new Ocarina of Time 3D screenshots, here’s the mother load. Although, for some reason the screenshots only features young Link. Gasp, spoilers Link becomes adult. Either way, you do get to get a look at some of the early ares of the game here. Oddly enough, Nintendo has yet to bother to release a official full-length trailer.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is probably set to be the first real system seller for the Nintendo 3DS, even if it is a remake. It will be launching June 17th in Europe, followed by North America June 19th.  Alongside the main game, the title will also include Master Quest, a rearrangement of all the dungeons, and a boss rush mode. The boss rush mode lets you re-fight specific bosses, or take them all one one-by-one.


If the adventure gets a little too rough, the title will feature in-game video hints like most of Nintendo’s recent titles. No mention of it actually completing tasks for you.



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  1. I love how the graphics are improved, and some of the new features they’ve got. As soon as this game comes out, I’ll definitely be getting it. I’ve yet to play the Master Quest, so I’m looking forward to it.

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