TSGPress Vlog – Your Gaming Back Catalog

Sometimes games just happen to pop up into your hands. Suddenly, you also notice deductions from your bank account for purchases. Where is this money going and where are these games coming from!?


In this vlog I give you guys a look at titles that I’ve purchased over the last few years but either haven’t even put into the system or spent less than five minutes playing. What titles have you purchased and never played? If you don’t have any, are there any titles you have that you haven’t put as much time as you’d like into?


Also, penguins.


10 thoughts on “TSGPress Vlog – Your Gaming Back Catalog”

    1. lol you know, I think last 4 videos I made had FotNS stuff in it, and it was removed either for time reasons or just the fact that it took place in a random gap of time where I drew a mental blank so just cut the whole gap out.

  1. I bought No More Heroes 2 but have yet to play it on account that my Wii broke (for the second time) and I haven’t sent it in for repairs yet.
    Otherwise I usually play the crap out of my games because I never have a lot of money to spend so I don’t have a lot of games in the first place.

  2. Oh man, I’m terrible when it comes to buying games and not starting/finishing them. As of now, I have at least 15 games that I’ve bought within the last 2 years and basically not even touched, including SIX different Final Fantasy titles, all three Xenosaga games, and Okami, among other things. This usually happens with older games that I just so happen to stumble across at game store. It’s like I see hard to find games and I just can’t help but buy them.

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