Ubisoft is Tired of This Generation

Ubisoft is saying that they think what the Gaming industry needs is new consoles. He is concerned that in extending the cycle past it’s usual time line creativity and innovation may wane. Following the usual cycle where consoles become less and less techincally comparable to their PC counterparts this may be true.


Guillemot believes that a new console would spark the market and cause alot of new innovation in the industry. I think he is dead wrong on many aspects. He is in the industry, but as an observer it has always seemed to me the reason for the wind down on prior consoles is development teams focusing on the new ones. The lesser graphical fidelity when compared to consoles could also force teams working on them to be innovative in their technical tricks or in their gameplay systems to keep the games interesting to the consumer.


4 thoughts on “Ubisoft is Tired of This Generation”

  1. I think he is correct in the line of thinking that with each new console, more content can be added. It isn’t just a graphics boost it’s an everything boost, which means you simply have more power to work off of.

    1. Sure you have more power to work with if a new console comes out, but why not utilize what you’ve got – the “old” console – to the absolute best of your ability?

  2. The NES and PS2 both have TONS of games developed for them and I don’t see much of a difference in terms of games’ quality, I think that some developers just want new consoles for a quick cash grab.

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