Video Review: Steel Diver (Update)

Ever wonder what it feels like to dive using steel? Possibly a submarine made of steel? Steel Diver will fill your needs… Maybe. One of the three launch titles from Nintendo, Steel Diver takes players under the sea by allowing them to take control of their very own submarine. But is this promise enough to warrant a purchase?


If you listen closely, you can hear a high pitched Darth Vader in the background.



Update: It just came to my attention that there is indeed Ghost Data from the Developers that you can race for each mission. I feel this feature does little to change the overall quality of the game, therefore the score. If it bothers you, add .2 or something to the score in your head.



  • Interesting and unique touchscreen controls
  • A good bit of variety in terms of modes
  • Captain Dante Cruz




  • Controls can be a bit overwhelming
  • Heavy lack of content
  • Each gameplay type is shallow
  • Visuals are bland and not that impressive
  • No online leaderboards or preset rankings to encourage replay value


Score: 6.0

out of 10

4 thoughts on “Video Review: Steel Diver (Update)”

  1. Excellent review once again, Oculin! It’s true, this title looks like it has the potential for so much more. Is it still worth building an unholy idol to Capt. Dante Cruz in my bedroom closet?

    . . .Maybe

  2. Nice review.
    I was pretty interested in the game, but then everyone was saying how short it was.

    I love how many times you kept running into walls and the enemy submarines!
    Oculin = Pro Submarine Cap’n…

  3. I’m pretty happy with it. Time trials, decals, expert mode, Steel Commander, and the ghost medals should keep me occupied for awhile. I don’t think it’s better than Shadow Wars, but it’s different from everything else out there, and it has a lot more DEPTH hardy har than it appears to.

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