Vote For Your Favorite Mega Man Figurine

Capcom Japan has put out a poll for you to vote for your favorite Mega Man character, Once the poll closes they’ll make a figure of the most popular character. Mega Man is probably on of my favorite franchises and I would find a way to vote one way or the other. Luckily, Capcom Unity has provided some simple how to pictures to help you vote. You can vote here . The rules are that you can only pick three characters.


If your favorite isn’t on the list, there is a spot at the bottom of the list for a write in. After that, the numbers are for your age range and then the part after that is for your favorite Mega Man series. Going from left to right and top row to bottom row it’s Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Starforce, Mega Man Zero, Mega man ZX, and Mega Man Battle Network.



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