Where’s Our Wii Version of Sonic Generations?

Sonic’s fan base was dispersed all over after the Dreamcast croaked. And while there are plenty of fans on all platforms, most would probably agree that Sonic’s biggest fan base is probably on the Wii. So why would SEGA ignore the Wii when it comes to their recent reveal of Sonic Generations? A SEGA rep basically told Kotaku that the Wii doesn’t support HD, and Sonic Generations is an HD game. Therefore, no Wii game.


Kind of a lame excuse, if you ask me. I’m not saying the Wii version of past Sonic games looked as good as the 360 or PS3 versions, but I feel like the system still did the titles justice. But who knows, maybe SEGA has something else in the works for Wii. We’ll have to wait and see what crops up. Until then, I hope you have a 360 or PS3.


You can also check out the trailer released today after the jump.


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9 thoughts on “Where’s Our Wii Version of Sonic Generations?”

  1. Honestly, I do think it is really stupid Sega isn’t bringing this to Wii. Maybe because of Sonic Colors or another secret project they are making. This does look really cool. There is no real good excuse for no Wii support.

    1. It just seems stranger when it is missing, because I’d imagine a larger chunk of the Sonic base would be on the Wii. Not saying there aren’t any on PS3 or 360. If you look at Sonic Unleashed on VGChartz, which again is good only really for extremely general estimates rather than specific numbers, Wii version sold pretty much PS3 and 360 combined and possibly beyond.

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