White Knight Chronicles II Heading to North America This Summer

Almost a year after its Japanese release, North Americans are finally getting their hands on White Knight Chronicles II ! Unlike in Europe and Japan, the title is being published by D3 in North America.


In the sequel, players can now create massive knights of their own, known as Incorruptus and use them online. The title also promises new weapons, armor, spells, skills, features and all that other good stuff.


White Knight Chronicles II features a whole new adventure, complete with online multiplayer to further improve your character. Although it might take you awhile to get finished with what White Knight Chronicles II has to offer offline. Not only does it include another full length adventure, it also includes a remastered version of the original White Knight Chronicles. If you’re looking for a game with a lot of mileage, White Knight Chronicles 2 definitely has you covered.


White Knight Chronicles II is a PS3 exclusive and will be hitting North America this summer. The title has already been announced for Europe landing sometime in May alongside the PSP title. The PSP title has yet to be announced for a NA release.


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