Wii Successor Confirmed for 2012

After a long stream of rumors, Nintendo has finally confirmed that a Wii successor is indeed on the way. At their investors meeting, they acknowledged the console and revealed that they have plans to launch it in 2012. We’ll be seeing the platform this E3, including the hardware itself and playable software. That’s all Nintendo had to offer us.


Current rumors suggest that the Wii successor, fairly well known as Project Cafe at this point, has a built-in 6-inch touch screen on the controller. Rumors on the visuals are a bit shaky for the platform. Many sources claim that the platform will be slightly more powerful than a Xbox 360, while others claim it to be significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3. There’s also supposedly another secret that Nintendo is being hush hush about.


But rumors will be rumors. We’ll have to wait until E3 2011 to see what Nintendo really has up their sleeves.


(Source: Nintendo)

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