Blind Gamer Shows How He Plays Ocarina of Time

Most of us have probably beaten Ocarina of Time on one occasion, and for some of you probably a lot more than that. And while there are a variety of challenges you can create like the three heart run on Ocarina of Time, blind Youtube user MegaTgarret shows off on youtube how he does his literal blind run of Ocarina of Time, playing the title entirely using stereo speakers. He also has videos of him playing titles in the Oddworld and Bit Trip Series.  As you can imagine, games aren’t exactly built with blind gameplay in mind, but occasionally they have enough sound indicators for blind gamers to push through.

I’m not even that interested in doing challenge runs for games or even speed runs. But this is almost tempting to try. Well, at least tempting enough to play for ten minutes, get frustrated, then turn it off.


6 thoughts on “Blind Gamer Shows How He Plays Ocarina of Time”

  1. Very cool. There’s actually another blind gamer that I know of on YouTube named Jordan (username genuinescorruption) who has posted videos of an entire playthrough of Ocarina of Time on an emulator by following a very detailed script written by multiple Zelda fans (when I saw the post title, I actually thought it was about him).
    His playing style is slightly different and involves a little less guesswork and more exact movements than the video in this post. However, he only posts the gameplay directly and doesn’t include any commentary. It’s interesting to see the differences. It’s also curious to see in any case the detail put in the audio cues of OoT considering it was such an early 3D game: footfalls on different textures, the position of enemies and important objects accessible via stereo sound, etc.

  2. Oh man, so awesome. I really enjoyed that video. I’m a fan of genuinescorruption as well (the guy Opario talked about). There’s just something truly amazing about what they can do, regardless of not having their sight.

  3. Now this is totally awesome. Even when a gamer is blind, his sense of seeing won’t stop him from playing video games. This guy knows what’s up! Not to mention how he takes good use of his sense of hearing.

  4. Best video ever.
    Even though I’ve seen the Deku tree more times to last a lifetime, I watched other videos of his after finishing this one. Very interesting stuff.

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