Catherine Limited Edition Arrives in America, Boxer Shorts Included!

Catherine is an Erotic Thriller action game created by Atlus (by the same people who worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series) which has has a rather interesting localisation history with Atlus confirming that the game would never be released outside of Japan… Until they confirmed otherwise. Announced today by Atlus, the “Love is Over” limited edition set (A reference to the phrase uttered on the game over screen. And you will die, A lot) will be very… different compared to Atlus’s other LE boxsets. The boxset will come with the game, a pair of Vincent’s Boxer shorts which are worn during the puzzle sections, the empty hearts T-shirts that Catherine wears throughout the game, A Catherine pillow case (just a pillowcase, not a Daimakura) and they are all nicely collected inside a Super Sheep pizza box (an ingame reference to the bar where Vincent and his friends hang out). The special edition will be avaliable for $79.99 and it will be only be avaliable for preorder through Atlus directly because Atlus will make sure that only enough copies are made to furfill reservations. the game itself can be obtained for $59.99 however Atlus have said that anyone who preorders will recieve a soundtrack CD containing eleven tracks from the game remixed by Shoji Meguro as well as a 36 page art book (both items will also be avaliable in the special edition). The game is set for an American release on July 27th, with no word on a European release date.

Source: (Siliconera)

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