One thought on “Lets Talk Games Episode 46”

  1. Very good episode Fettouhi, great job! Well worth the entire listen man. Good job too Local. Nintendo really is going to have to be careful this generation or they may well finally end up like SEGA did not making any more consoles but for Nintendo by the start of the 20’s (2020). Nintendo would probably go all out as a handheld console company or all their games would shift to Sony an become a game developer company only or something. They really needed to push the Wii until the new Xbox came out not just let it die like the Gamecube. They needed better games plain and simple especially towards the end not just the Legend of Zelda 5 or 6 years after the last consoles adaptation. Especially, since the new Xbox could have been released as early as 2013. They basically gave up an did not compete now that Sony is basically the Wii HD with their Move. 2010 had some great first party titles but the Wii Motion Plus has been a complete an utter failure. There were barely,maybe 5 games a year that utilized the functionality. I can almost guarantee that Sony’s NGP will be able to be useable as a controller for the PS3 now that Nintendo’s controller scheme has been speculated at. The PS3 is suppose to have a 10 year life cycle. Nintendo is going to have to be really careful their going up against Microsoft and Sony. They failed the first time, but did a lot better the second time. HD is getting old and Microsoft is already more than likely getting a much more powerful console than the 360 ready which would put Nintendo’s “Project Cafe” up against something really soon. Starting the next generation of consoles can be good or bad but Microsoft wants to beat Nintendo so badly sales wise because they’ve come in 2nd twice now. Now that the PS3 is basically a Wii HD and a “Project Cafe” if they make their NGP similar to Cafe’s controller useable with their PS3 I CAN NOT even imagine what Sony will finally reveal for there next home console down the rode but they would be able to easily bury Nintendo and Cafe graphically making them way behind graphically again so we will have to wait and see who knows maybe the controller for Cafe is 3D. I really believe that Nintendo needs to make a console that is much more powerful than current gen hardware to be taken seriously from the core once again. E3 is going to be great this year just a little over a month now to go.

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