Microsoft Developing AAA “Core” Shooter for Kinect

The Kinect had a pretty good launch last year with hit titles like Dance Central hitting top ten charts. But ever since then, there really hasn’t been much to get pumped for. There are a few Japanese Kinect games announced, but that’s about it. Microsoft is looking to get the more hardcore consumer involved with kinect.


Microsoft Vancouver opened their website. The website describes their upcoming project as a “core” game, but digging into one of the employee’s resume reveals that he is working on a “core AAA shooter experience using Kinect.” Other than that, there really isn’t much else known. There’s a rumor of a Halo: Combat Evolved remake coming later this year, although this could be something entirely different. And considering Microsoft’s current known line-up for this year, it’s probably better if they’re separate experiences.


To get a ‘core’ shooting experience using Kinect, I’d imagine it would use both the Kinect and the standard Xbox 360 controller. But that’s all speculation. We’ll probably have to wait till E3 to find out more.

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  1. That last paragraph reminds me of AVGN’s review on NES peripherals, where he complained about one of them requiring you to use the controller anyway, making the peripheral utterly pointless. Indeed, I have a very, very hard time imagining a shooter working exclusively with Kinect, and if anyone can manage to make it work well, they will get my undying admiration.

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