Ocarina of Time 3D ‘Features’ Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has more than just a new coat of paint on it. There will be all new features that will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version. Features like motion controls for camera control, touch screen controls for items, and even Nintendo’s Super Guide feature. The latter two features you can see in the trailer after the jump.


The Super Guide has players crawling into the mouth of Sheikah Stones where they will “receive a vision of the future.” This video will help player solve puzzles, like how to access the Shadow Temple as the trailer demonstrates. We also get a quick look at the touch-screen controls for the title. It’s a little funny they specifically show that iron boots are now an item, not a piece of equipment. Either way, the Water Temple will be a lot less tedious now.



2 thoughts on “Ocarina of Time 3D ‘Features’ Trailer”

  1. I like how it says the screen game play is shown in 2D, but the 3DS frame around the game shows the 3D slider set to high. 😛

    Anyways, cool trailer. I find it interesting you can enter those weird time statues through their mouths. And how they glow green.

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