PlayStation Network Relaunching This Week

After what felt like forever on both our part and probably Sony’s part, PSN will be going back up. When exactly? Well… Sony doesn’t say. But at least it should be coming this week!


When PSN relaunches it will be 100% back, but many aspects will be back online. Online gameplay, PlayStation Home, friends lists, chat functionality, access to the account manager, access to Music Unlimited for existing subscribers and any unexpired movie rentals on PSN will be available when the service launches. PlayStation Store will remain offline until Sony can properly reinforce the service’s security. The only time-frame that was given was “later this month.”


For an apology for all the issues, Sony will be offering some complimentary goods. Each territory will be receiving access to free downloads of selected content. Every PSN user will also receive a full thirty days of PlayStation Network + and Music Unlimited (if available in your region).


PlayStation Network has been down since April 20th thanks to a security breach from hackers. Unfortunately, it seems like the hackers made off with personal information and possibly even credit card information. It is still unknown who is the culprit.

5 thoughts on “PlayStation Network Relaunching This Week”

  1. Wow, how generous. Shame I’ll have to wait a little while to be able to access the PlayStation Store on my PSP. Still, at least I’ll get to try PSN Plus

  2. When this week this has taken to damn long it’s starting to make me
    Play xbox I thought Sony was some big shot company how can this happen.
    It also makes you worry about online pay anything credit debit you name it.
    Free access to playstation + who cares that’s going to make up for my info
    Being hacked bs!!!!!

    Get your s;#t together Sony you let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!

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