QotW: Do Yearly Releases Hurt Call of Duty’s Brand?

Another year, another Call of Duty! Modern Warfare 3 was unveiled earlier this week and… Well, it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, again. Many people look down on the Call of Duty name due to the fact that it has yearly releases with relatively similar content. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that these titles actually see two years of development, thanks to two separate teams.


This week we ask a ‘what if’ question. What if the other team, Treyarch, didn’t exist? What if there was only one Call of Duty every two years? Do you think your image of the franchise would be different, or would you still view it as a cash in series? Or, if you’re on the flip side, do you enjoy the yearly releases? Would you gladly pick up multiple Call of Duty title each year?

8 thoughts on “QotW: Do Yearly Releases Hurt Call of Duty’s Brand?”

  1. yearly releases I feel makes for rushed content, and less room for innovation, which is what the COD series seems to be lacking with it’s past two games. Also, it causes the community of games that are fine and still have a lot of life left in them to divide. Sales wise, it doesnt seem to be harming them at all. Each year, COD sells more than the previous year

  2. The problem with CoD are the “fans” – the whole point of the game is to have fun and to be sneered at because I don’t have a certain setup is not fun

  3. Because I work in retail and watch how many people ask for those stupid games, I’d say only in the more hardcore and informced gamers does it actually hurt the franchise. (and by hardcore I mean people who actually schedule their lives around certain games rather than just playing when they feel like it.)

  4. The problem with CoD is not just one thing, It’s 2 things.
    1. The games are are about 99% the same as the last exept for the maps. The games are in essence, just new maps that you have to pay $60 for.
    2.The fans. they always think they are better than other peple who play games and always sneer at people for not having certain things in the game. They have no life most of the time and when you tell them about another great game they look down on it and say that CoD is better. I tryed to get this one kid at my high school to play other games besides Cod, but he told me that all those games suck and then proceeded to slander me and all my friends for a month with harsh comments that made some of my friends cry, so i dont like the people that plan their lives around rehashed games.

  5. While i can’t deny that COD 4 was a great game that innovated the genre every COD game afterward is just a rehash with marginal better graphics, less story, and more maps. Pretty much people are just paying 60 dollars a year for DLC in one place. It also ruined the shooter genre because every developer tried to copy success and added hundreds of shovelware crappy copies to the market that innovate even less than COD. Every year i also hope that COD fans will realize that the game isn’t as good as they believe it is but every year i am proved wrong when my friends try to tell me that this COD is the greatest game ever, and when i go over to their house to play it i find myself underwhelmed and go back home to play better games. This year i hope people realize these issues and buy the games i think will be better like Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Rage, BF3, Arkham City

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