QotW: Satisfied with Sony’s Welcome Back Package?

I thought we’d give something a shot. A Question of the Week (QotW)! Basically a question to help give readers more of a voice a place to sound off on certain subjects on the blog.


PlayStation Network is finally live again, and it looks like PlayStation Store may be soon to follow. As you may have seen earlier this week, Sony will be offering a welcome back package. This includes free software, 30 days of PSN+ and a few more benefits.


Does this welcome back package cover up the boo boos of Sony’s service being down for over three weeks, or do you think Sony should have offered more? Should non-PSN+ users even have the right to complain the downtime of a free service? Also, what free software do you plan on picking up when the service goes live again?


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20 thoughts on “QotW: Satisfied with Sony’s Welcome Back Package?”

  1. I’m definitely satisfied with it. I’m getting some games free that I’ve wanted for a while, but couldn’t get, and I get some more games free due to PSN+. It’s really nice for us

  2. I am not. I don’t have a PSN account so I didn’t get anything.

    If I did have one, no I wouldn’t be satisfied. I would likely even be turning in my PS3 and games for store credit at a Gamestop type place. The nature of this breach and responce to it tells me major things.
    1) You do not rebuild an entire networking system for an intrusion. You fix the problem and get back online. 24-hrs tops, and the problems are usually human error anyway. To stop and rebuild everything tells me a major Day 0 failure occured.
    2) They said that passwords were compromised. They did not say probably, likely, or ‘if they can break the hash,’ they said WERE. It’s a PR game at this point, so saying it’s definantly happens means there is no hope the hackers didn’t get them. That means the passwords were stored in an almost no-protection file, maybe plain text.
    3)77 million uses accesed at one time. That indicates it’s all centralized. While a distrubitive network doesn’t prevent attacks, it minimizes what can be accessed in a single hack. I can cut them some slack on this one.
    4) And most terrible, it took Sony three days to figure out what was happening, and I’m sorry, hackers are good, but they’ve only got a few hours before things get shut down. To go three days without detection is not the sign of mad skilz, it’s a security failure. And then they didn’t tell anyone for seven more days. SEVEN DAYS. How am I supposed to protect myself if I don’t know anything is wrong?

    Due to my job I work with alot of people who have first hand knowledge of networking . They have not only confirmed my suspicions are valid, but probably worse than I realize.

    1. why the **** are you even ranting about this even you don’t have a PS3 account ? all these thing are speculations and nobody knows why and probably never will. do I agree that it looks bad for sony ? yes, does the media and other people blow it out of proportion ? yes. I think for a the common person they have gained more then they have lost. if you credit car has been used the bank will cover it and thats by law ind most countries. plus sony has offered to help out also witch imo is something not every company would do even if they where is this situation. everyone is getting something out of this. the people that turn in there PS3 are online addicts and can go 5 min without shooting someone online in COD or what not. let them pay 60$ for playing online where sony still gives it to you for free.

      I haven’t been playing my PS3 less while the PSN was down so I think really need to chill with the offline time and get a life

      1. Because there is an expectation of quality in the largest corporations. Sony is one of the biggest of for their product. Between the facts they have said and phrasing used for those which they haven’t said, they have demonstrated that PSN was very poorly designed from a ‘Protect the User’s Information” standopint. A couple of free games is a pretty poor apology for not only failing to meet your commitments, but doing so on a very large scale from day one.

        1. you are talking out your ass man. you don’t know how the PSN was designed. people where saying that the apache servers where not fully updated and that was a lie also. this here is the first hack on a service for a gaming company so its getting a lot of attention. nobody knows how its designed. Microsoft could have your password and name information in a ****ing access database for all people know and as long as they don’t get hacked nobody cares.

          alot of systems have been hacked over the time and as soon as the press gets there hands on the story its all about making headlines. “system was guarded by a drunk midget” “the world is gonna end tomorrow” “DARPA is still running window 3.1”. its all a load of crap

          be happy. you get free games and reimbursed mmo subscriptions. they really don’t have to give you **** because the service that most people use is free. so be happy that its up again and start playing some online games.

    2. Although I understand what you’re saying, I don’t think you should be ranting. If you have a 360, you’re coming off as a rather large fanboy without even mentioning the console. If you don’t, then you’re just sounding like a*****.

      Though I do agree that Sony screwed up on a number of levels, they have fixed it, and no reports of people losing any money have been seen, or at least they’re being covered up pretty damn well. No need stressing over the past. Just hope that Sony, Microsoft and any other gaming companies that have consoles, learn from this and don’t let it happen again.

      1. I think there is some projection here. I said nothing about consoles. I was speaking of failures on Sony’s part. That says something about the state we have reached when you say “Sony made. Some big mistakes” and people hear “Xbox for life.”

        And no, I am not an xbox fanboy. Other systems literally have nothing to do with my opinions.

    3. Actually most of your points are wrong.

      1. They decided to rebuild it because they were planning on moving the data center elsewhere anyway. They took advantage of the situation, and why shouldn’t they?

      2. They said personal information was compromised. Yes this includes passwords, however, they stressed the passwords were hashed and not in plain text. Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/05/02/playstation-network-security-update/

      4. Yes, we all agree Sony was late on the ball shutting down the service, but they did inform people that there as been an intrusion 2 days after the attack (when they shut down the service). 6 days after the intrusion is when they gave the info on what has been compromised. This was probably late due to the security firm. I know how slowly outside parties work. Another note, honestly you should realize that if a service has an intrusion, you should monitor anything related to that service. Source(s): http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/22/update-on-playstation-network-qriocity-services/

  3. To be honest, though I’m happy about a good deal of what we’ll be getting, I’m not happy that this is all they’re offering. Don’t get me wrong, I love inFamous, I own it on Disc, but that’s what I mean. I’ve never heard of most of the games they’re offering for the PS3 users, and one of the two that I HAVE heard of I already have a hard copy of.

    What I would like to see, is them paying for things like map packs, expansions to games, and the like. Let them pay for those things and let us have some of them for free. Granted, I’m not expecting or asking them to pay for big name game add ons like Black Ops map packs or anything like that. If anything, just some of the lesser known but still good games add ons that they have.

  4. I’d say it seems like a bribe to not be upset about the possible theft of credit card information. In the end, I have to pay money to get a new card issued to me just to protect myself from this security failure, so I can’t say I’m thrilled with anything that came from this situation, especially since they can’t say for sure whether or not credit card information was actually stolen. Then there’s the fact that enough of my personal information to be able to steal my identity HAS been stolen and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about that.

    Yeah… not happy.

    I guess I should add that I don’t blame Sony though. It doesn’t matter how good your defenses are, hackers will find a way to break through and get what they want. Hackers have been proving this to Sony for YEARS with the PSP.

  5. It’s nice, and I’ll definitely get the PSP games and try out some of the Plus games, but I’m never putting credit card info into PSN or trusting them for online stuff again. Problems happen, sure, but they botched this in so many ways that I really can’t trust them.

    I also would’ve been happier with game vouchers instead of set games, but I can understand why they don’t do that, what with the licensing nightmare that would be.

  6. Well I guess I’m happy enough with the welcome back package, I don’t have any of the games on offer so I’m spoilt for choice, and the plus games will be nice to have access to.

    However at this point I’m not really fussed. Since PSN went down I ‘jumped ship’ and bought a 360 and a bunch of games I’ve wanted for a while. I was always going to but this was the catalyst; for that reason alone I’m content.

    DISCLAIMER I am neither a Sony, nor a Microsoft fanboy. I <3 SEGA lol.

  7. And everyone said I was stupid for using prepaid PSN cards, WHO’S STUPID NOW!

    And free copies of Infamous and Wipeout HD doesn’t seem that bad to me. If anything, what with me getting some US points from America, the free gold membership could allow me to get games that I hadn’t even considered getting. If anything, PSN going down was one of the best things that could have happened to me, if just for the rewards.

  8. Well here’s the thing. I never use PSN. I got one, because it was free, and I kept it because I had a ps3. Now i’m getting games without paying for them, and while getting a laugh out of those that do care about PSN going down? HEECCCCKKK YEESSSSSSSSSS

  9. I’m not happy, because the two biggest titles on there are games that 99% of PS3 owners already own and the others are pretty bleh (they aren’t the kinds of games I would want to play).

    I understand it’s free, but they could have at least brought some variation into it. Killzone Liberation and Dead Nation are similar genres. LBP and LBP PSP are practically the same thing. Why no RPGs? Why no rhythm games or something? I understand that they needed the developers permission to put out these games, but these are games that I simply do not want.

    I know, I know. It’s free. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean that I can’t complain about how there’s not a huge amount of different genres up there and the ones that are up for grabs are ones that someone like myself doesn’t care much for.

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