Rumor: 360 Successor Dev Kits at EA (Update)

Nintendo stole the spotlight a couple weeks ago when the first Wii 2 details leaked. And while information has slowed down, the rumors keep on flowing. But developers might not be only getting in Nintendo’s dev kits on their doorstep soon. According to Develop-Online‘s inside source, an unnamed EA studio has their hands on the dev kits for Microsoft’s next platform. Admittedly they seem to be extremely early builds, with all the components only in standard PC shell.


Developer Online’s inside source also claims that the platform will work with Kinect and even offer enhanced support. He speculates that Microsoft might be rushing for an E3 reveal to steal Nintendo’s thunder, and that the platform might launch at the end of 2012. Eurogamer’s source tells another story about the reveal, saying it seems highly unlikely for a E3 2011 reveal.


Update: EA has told Industry Gamer that the rumor is a “total fabrication.”

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