Rumor: Feel Games With Project Cafe’s Controller

Okay, this is getting a bit out there. Supposedly Nintendo has one big feature left up their sleeve in terms of the Wii successor, assuming the past ones have been true. Swedish website Loading claims that Nintendo’s new controller will let you feel the game, using the controller’s built in touch screen. The controller would allow you to feel different types of textures that could be found in the game. Supposedly this idea sprung from the Wii’s vitality sensor, which might explain why we’ve seen nothing of it.


I can buy a built in touch screen on the controller and the ability to stream content to it, but I’m not sure about this. Mainly how much it would cost. A 6-inch touch screen sounds expensive enough, but this seems like it would just adding a whole new layer of costs.


The only confirmed details about the Wii’s successor so far is the fact that it exists and that it will be playable at E3. While I’m not placing my bet on this rumor, let’s have some fun with it. What Nintendo universe item, character, object, or whatever would you want to feel first?


(Via: GoNintendo)

11 thoughts on “Rumor: Feel Games With Project Cafe’s Controller”

    1. I vaguely remember reading something about it in relation to gaming on the iPhone. Maybe even on this blog, but I know they had or were developing touch screens that could change textures to give tactile feedback.

  1. I know there are plenty of concepts dealing with simulated textures, but as far as I know there has been nothing to indicate that it would be possible on a scale where it reaches every home already..

    1. Yeah, that would be pretty cool.
      It would bring a whole new level of companionship between Trainer and Pokemon.

      And imagine the console after it! Holograms, maybe even solid ones!
      And then, you beat the Champion, and you give your team a great big hug!
      I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of it!

  2. … I wonder if Nintendo’s prepared for the console to be hacked and third party hentai and porn games to be added to the textures? Cause I’m sure we all know that’s gonna happen if this is true ><

    As for the NINTENDO applications, I really HOPE to see a Pokemon game for this.. *w* I'd be able to feel my Eevee, and Zorua…

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