Rumor: NGP Specs Downgraded

Sony’s PSP successor is definitely an impressive little machine, basically putting a PlayStation 3 in the palms of your hands. The platform was loaded not only in a technical sense, but with tons of features as well. At the end of the day, it all sounded expensive and Sony didn’t have a price for us. According to’s source, Sony realized that the price may be a little too high.’s source claims that the NGP will have have reduced RAM and internal memory than originally intended to try to reduce the price of the system. The source claims that the 512MB of RAM will be reduced to 256 MB, and that the 16GB of internal memory has been removed in favor of cheaper external memory.


Again, this is a rumor so it is in no way confirmed, but this kind of move would be a double-edged sword. On one side, fans will be mad because of what would have been in the system will no longer be, and others will be glad that the system is being dropped down to a more affordable price.  If it is true, hopefully this move pushed the system to a competitive price range.


(Translation Source: 1Up)

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