Simultaneous DLC announcement for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 was well supported with DLC after its initial release, some of the best content available for the game being the DLC packs Point Lookout and Broken Steel. So far Obsidian has only developed one poorly received DLC pack for Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Money, but more are on the way. The onslaught of content begins with Honest Hearts, an adventure that sends you to Zion National Park in Utah where you get caught up in a war between two tribes. You can pick sides like in the main game and determine the fate of Zion National Park. You can expect to see this available for purchase on May 17th. More info after the jump.


This will be followed up by Old World Blues in June which follows a familiar Spartacus style set up. You become captured and are made into a lab rat for your kidnappers to experiment on. From here you can go the Spartacus route and give your kidnappers whats coming to them, or you can fight with them against an unknown and greater threat.


The announced DLC ends with Lonesome Road in which you get to meet the original courier whom you replaced in the main story of New Vegas and travel through The Divide which is a tumultuous area. The Divide is plagued by storms and earthquakes and will be a nice change from the static motif of the Wastes in the main quest.


The DLC will be available on all platforms at the same time so no matter what system you are playing New Vegas on you will have access to some new content.

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  1. So happy it’s coming. Although like Fallout 3 the Modding community, for PC anyway, is brilliant and have created plenty of stuff to keep Vegas interesting. I wish they’d make a California DLC though with tons of Fallout 1 and 2 references.

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